Sci-Fi Fantasy Scholarship Essay Competition

Do you enjoy writing? Do you enjoy telling science fiction and/or fantasy stories? Do you imagine worlds beyond reality? Well, look no further! CollegeFindMe is hosting a writing competition aimed at all you creative writers out there. The competition is simple: submit an original 650 word max sci-fi and/or fantasy story for the chance to

SAT and ACT 2017-2018 Dates

As junior year comes to a close, make sure you're aware of these upcoming test and registration dates for the SAT and ACT. By taking them now, you'll get a head start on your applications for the fall and also have the chance to retake them if you want to get a higher score. Register

Applying to Stanford

By high school intern Pilli Crus-De Jesus Ever since I began to fathom life in college I knew where I wanted to go. To explain my dream college location it makes the most sense to begin in third grade. I was living in San Jose, California and had been my whole life. I had a

Junior Year Checklist

We know junior year can be a busy time for students. Which is why we wanted to make a checklist of items you sure be sure to complete before senior year. By following this list you'll be all set to apply to colleges in the Fall, come senior year! Start drafting a list of colleges

FAFSA Tips: A Video Series

The FAFSA is your key to free aid towards college, so no matter what, it is worth applying for. Every year, thousands of dollars go unclaimed, which is why you should prioritize filling it out this winter break. We’ve compiled a series of videos that will help explain and even address typical questions about the

How to Ace the SAT or ACT

By Simarn Regmi, a high school intern Hey, everyone! Hope you enjoyed your break and Happy New Year 2018, yay!!! Today’s blog post is going to be for my juniors in high school who are going to be taking the SAT or ACT tests soon. Don’t all jump up in excitement hahaha…. Anyways, as a

Essay Guidelines Part 1: Time and Content

By intern Marc Leroux-Parra Few people can argue that the personal essay, in any college application, is one of the most, if not the most, important pieces of the application. This is the largest opportunity you, as a student, have to tell your story. Don’t let the fear of sounding “backwards” or “different” impair and

Pilli’s Personal Essay Tips

“One of the most important and most controllable elements within each college application, hands down, is the essay. Being able to craft your very own narrative allows you to express yourself and for colleges to connect with what you put forward. This gives humanity to an application that would otherwise be filled solely with test

Applying to Harvard

By high school intern Marc Leroux-Parra Applying to Harvard was not easy. It was stressful and labor intensive. It was a multitiered and highly complicated process. It involved dealing with the College Board, managing a full AP course load along with the application, and managing parental “overhang” stress. By the end of it, I felt

CFM Got Talent Competition

Hello wonderful CFM students, We hope everyone is having a good start to the new year! We just wanted to remind you to complete your profile up to 100% so that you can be eligible for our new student competition, CFM Got Talent, where the winner will be awarded a free iPad. The details for

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