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Finding Ways to Manage Academics and Athletics

  By Jobed Elien, CollegeFindme Intern While finding time between sports and school is somewhat tricky, there are tips that you can follow to manage the task. Personally, there were times where I had to deal with trying to prioritize sports and school. I was getting overwhelmed: juggling the demanding workload of school. So what

My College Path

By Jay KC, CollegeFindme Intern Although it feels weird to say it to myself or even write it down here, I’m done with my college process. I am now, officially, Bucknell University Class of 2023. I have been selected to go there on a scholarship through the Posse Foundation. I still haven’t processed this accomplishment

The Winter Chronicles: The Gifts of Wisdom

By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern The time is here! A time when Love is in the air! A time where family members and snowflakes (for some) will appear! What time would this be, you ask? Well, that’s a given! It’s time for The Winter Chronicles, and its wisdom, as the Winter Holiday is near! Hello

Stressing The Importance of Leadership Titles

By Aida Girma, CollegeFindMe Intern Oftentimes in high school students are forced to do community service as a graduation requirement, though that may be true, some like me will do it regardless. I have always been someone that enjoyed giving back to the community, whether or not it was mandatory. Throughout my years in high

College Recruitment for Sports

By Jay KC, CollegeFindMe Intern Colleges and universities loves sports, so much so that they will allow you to go to their school for free as long as you play on their varsity team. This article is a summary of the college recruitment process and how it is done by different colleges and universities.  

Life of Food: Learning Meal Plans

By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern For this week’s edition of blogs, we are writing a blog on meal plans, after hearing some of you ask what the different terms mean.  When it comes to college meal plans, there are a lot of different options out there. Brochures and websites for colleges may use terms that

Christmas Tree Photo Competition

Are you excited about the Holidays? How big is your Christmas spirit? Let's take this opportunity to spread the joy of Christmas with others! Join CollegeFindMe’s Christmas Tree Photo Contest by following the rules below and win a prize for your fantastic Christmas Tree. Contest Task: Take a picture of your decorated Christmas Tree Upload on

Senioritis: The Academic Pit of High School

By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern You’re in class. The period has recently begun and you haven’t done your homework. The thought of waking up everyday becomes daunting as you spend the very last specks of your positivity staring at the accumulating workload, that is now the height of a skyscraper. This sense of laziness has

My Unbelievable Summer

To say that I was blessed is only a fraction of how I would describe my summer. For two weeks, twenty-one classmates and I voyaged to the small city of Antigua, Guatemala, for a service trip and cultural immersion experience. I resided in a homestay with four other girls. In the morning I taught two

CollegeFindMe Tips on Being an Upperclassmen

By Jay KC My life as an upperclassman has consisted of stressing, no sleeping, and procrastinating. Let me just say; this is not the way to go about being an upperclassman. Although it has turned out fine for me so far, my health isn’t the best. That is why I am going to give you

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